20 May, 2024
7 mins read

Is Joe Biden’s age and health a major obstacle to defeat Donald Trump in November?

No one doubts that right now when talking about his mental health, Joe Biden inadvertently exposed, in an instant, all the doubts about his mental health. Some analysts claim that Joe is going through one of the worst moments of his presidency, a time fatal that could cost him his re-election in November. The age […]

6 mins read

What is the role of social media in disinformation and radicalization far right-wing extremist groups?

To understand the radicalization of far right-wing extremist groups in the United States, we must know the negative effect that disinformation, baseless lies and conspiratorial theories have on a part of the white population that is susceptible to this type of brainwashing by the programming of some media. If you analyze the content in the […]

14 mins read

How does white privilege affect the political, social and economic growth of blacks in the united states?

The concept of class privilege is not something new contrary to white privilege which has its origin during slavery and in this work we will analyze its origin, scope, persistence and effect on minority groups who do not enjoy any type of privileges. Privilege is a concept as old as humanity, just look at any […]

14 mins read

What are the main reasons why there are too many single black women right now?

There is no doubt that there are many single black women right now, but what is the reason for these problems that are affecting the black family structure right now in the United States? Let’s try to answer this question from a black man’s perspective. Someone who has been single my entire adult life, who […]

9 mins read

What are the reasons behind Joe Biden’s unrestricted support for Israel and the alleged war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza?

Right now, when we talk about the states of Israel and the armed conflict in which it is involved, no one doubts that the United States, under the administration of Joe Biden, and several European allies unconditionally support the State of Israel. When you observe the behavior regarding the political, military support and control of […]

4 mins read

Between conservatism or conspiracy theories: What ideology is controlling the Republican Party right now?

Usually all political parties start with an ideology In this case we are talking about conservatism, a political platform and a strategic vision to solve the problems of the nation, are some of the characteristics that do not define the Republican Party right now. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why there is a […]

6 mins read

What happened to members of the extreme far-right groups that attacked Congress?

When you analyze the way the police treat black people in comparison to extreme far-right groups where the vast majority are white, some of them with certain anti-immigrant but also anti-black ideas, there is no doubt that officers, when it comes to applying the law, they have a preference for certain groups. Mostly, whether it […]

7 mins read

What are the reasons the Christian leadership is giving unrestricted support to Donald Trump?

When you analyze the unconditional support of Christian leadership in America, even though this candidate for the presidency of the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential elections is considered a morally bankrupt person according to allegations of conduct considered inappropriate for a married man. According to the opinions of some, when it is alleged that […]

10 mins read

Why some members of radicalized extreme right groups are no longer supporting Donald Trump?

When you observe the behavior of the radicalized extreme right groups within the Republican Party, you come to believe that each of those groups on the most conservative side is behind pushing Donald Trump’s candidacy, and Donald Trump’s absence from being part of the debate, who until this moment leads the polls as the leading […]

10 mins read

What will be the outcome of the dilemma that voters will face in 2024 between an autocratic government of Donald Trump or a democratic one of Joe Biden?

No one doubts right now that President Donald Trump, during his presidency, acted and behaved like a president with autocratic ideas, and the possibilities of returning as president in the presidential elections in 2024 create nervousness in the political class about the turn the nation will take if a man like Donald Trump with an authoritarian […]