What will be the outcome of the dilemma that voters will face in 2024 between an autocratic government of Donald Trump or a democratic one of Joe Biden?
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What will be the outcome of the dilemma that voters will face in 2024 between an autocratic government of Donald Trump or a democratic one of Joe Biden?

No one doubts right now that President Donald Trump, during his presidency, acted and behaved like a president with autocratic ideas, and the possibilities of returning as president in the presidential elections in 2024 create nervousness in the political class about the turn the nation will take if a man like Donald Trump with an authoritarian mentality is once elected. 

One of the great reasons for these Trump supporters who are unconditionally supporting the former president’s return to power—groups mostly considered to be from the nationalist extreme right—is to impose an autocratic system that will repress those who oppose them.

Let’s not cover the sun with a finger and pretend that what Donald Trump recently said about imposing a totalitarian government with the support of the army, repressing his political adversaries, and ruthlessly destroying the institutions that support the democratic system is an exaggeration.

Groups and congressional leaders of the most conservative extreme right, some of whom are considered domestic terrorists or radical extreme right anti-immigrant extremists, who, according to the conclusions of some police analysts and people who analyze the negative impact of these groups when talking about the danger that national security faces due to the influence that these groups have on political activism using local militias and partisan militancy within the Republican Party, that are providing their support to President Donald Trump in his aspirations to return to the presidency next year.

Unity vs. Justice is Joe Biden’s Silly Way of Calming Far-Right Groups and National Leadership: The American People’s Dilemma Between Democracy and Autocracy. “Bringing people together is a difficult task, no matter how much Joe Biden speaks of the unity of the American people.” And all because the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives supported the autocratic leadership of Donald Trump, which resulted in the Capitol Hill riot, promoted by the far-right extremists who are responsible for the attack.

When we talk about autocracy, what are we talking about? Autocratic leadership occurs when a person, the boss, or a group with radicalized ideas makes all the decisions and transmits orders to others without taking into consideration the opinions of their subordinates, relying mostly on fear, political persecution, manipulation, or suppression, of the information.

One of the characteristics of Donald Trump’s presidency was that his decisions could neither be questioned, nor contravened nor be subject to controls of any kind. If I am saying something wrong, ask the Republican leadership, which still fears Donald Trump and has complete control of the Republican Party.

Right now we could all see that the rapid removal of the Republican leader in the lower house, McCarthy, and the arrival as the new leader of Mike Johnson. Now Facing with the political crisis, the Republican leaders are speaking of national unity. As a way to counteract Joe Biden’s presidency and show a face of party unity that everyone knows does not exist, because everyone knows about the power struggle between moderate Republicans and the most conservative, some from the extreme right who support and defend without conditions to Donald Trump against the criminal charges against him.

Unity is an aspiration, a word that all politicians use when they reach the presidency to govern without opposition. From the presidency of Ronald Reagan to the elected president, Joe Biden, unity is a political rhetoric that is used as a way to increase the political capital of an administration when it has to face a Congress that will be against any legislative initiative proposed by the new administration.

Joe Biden’s call for nation-wide unity should be seen within that political context in a deeply divided nation as a way to calm political passions, return to normality and receive the support of those who did not vote for him. No one doubts that the American people are deeply divided, and the attack on the Congress building by groups from the far right is an example of that lack of national unity to solve the great challenges that the nation faces right now.

Are the American people willing to live under an autocratic government which limits the civil liberties they enjoy right now?

When you listen to the autocratic proposals of President Donald Trump, a sure candidate for the presidency in the presidential elections in 2024, to limit the most fundamental rights of a democratic regime, but also some leaders of the extreme right within the Republican Party, that is what they tell you. That in the next elections they will do everything possible to impose Donald Trump as the next president, even though there is a good chance that he will be found guilty of the criminal charges against him.

Perhaps these statements by presidential candidate Donald Trump of the Republican Party must create certain fears in those sectors that have defended the democratic system of this nation for years as an example to follow in the nations of the world where all individuals enjoy the same freedoms. , but also where there is a separation of powers between the executive, judicial and legislative.

Would the judicial system still be used against those who attacked the Capitol if Donald Trump becomes president next year? In the name of national unity, will we forgive these criminal acts against the democratic system by extreme right-wing groups with an authoritarian mentality? This is where lies the dilemma faced by North American voters, who must decide between voting for a president with autocratic thinking or once again voting for current president Joe Biden as a way to preserve the democratic system.

Something that you have to bear in mind is that during the presidency of Donald Trump, no one doubts that he only governed to benefit the most conservative side of the Republican Party by lowering taxes, applying anti-immigrant measures, attacking federal institutions, and denigrating the national press. , never condemned the pro-racist groups and filled the high courts with conservative judges.

Donald Trump promoted the division of the American people for political gain. On the contrary, the Joe Biden administration is aimed at benefiting all Americans, not just in blue states, but also in red states, as a way to achieve national unity.

Can there be unity between the far-right groups that violently attacked Congress and the thousands of Democratic voters who supported Joe Biden’s presidency? My answer is no. The unity of the nation is only achieved by bringing to justice those members of the extreme right-wing groups that, in a mob, tried to overthrow a legally established government and who tried to keep Donald Trump in the presidency through anti-democratic means.

Right now, many pro-Trump Republican voters do not trust the democratic system as a result of the lies “the elections were stolen,” and many Republican voters view the Presidency of Joe Biden as illegitimate. Voters do not trust the democratic system as a mechanism to solve the problems facing the nation, which creates the basis for the emergence of a presidency with autocratic characteristics like that of former President Donald Trump.

As a result of this lack of credibility in the democratic system created by the misinformation associated with the results of the elections, the emergence of an autocratic figure in the future is a possibility that no one can deny.

The emergence of an autocratic figure like Donald Trump, which was and continues to be supported by radicalized white far-right groups who see an authoritarian figure as the way to impose the racist pro-white supremacy philosophies and conspiracy theories that these groups promote, is something that must worry Americans who trust the democratic system.

What is at stake right now is the direction of the nation: a democratic government or an autocratic government. This is a reality that voters must understand the next time they exercise the right to vote between a candidate with a democratic vocation and one with dictatorial aspirations

.You can be sure that Donald Trump, if he wins the presidency in 2014, will continue with the same anti-democratic and denigrating behavior against his political opponents, no matter if they are part of the black and Hispanic minorities or are part of the party leadership. Democratic. There is no president more dangerous for any nation than the one who does everything out of revenge against his opponents.

Will the American people sacrifice the application of justice against those who attacked Capital Hill to achieve the unity of the nation?

The answer to this dilemma will determine, in part, if we are facing the emergence of an autocratic government of the radicalized white extreme right or the loss of a democratic system with all the freedoms for everyone.

Faced with the national trauma resulting from the attack or insurrection on Capital Hill, will the American people continue as if nothing happened in the name of the illusion of unity, or will they actively fight and persecute for the first time the danger posed by the extreme right, considered domestic terrorists? Everything will depend on which political system the American people are willing to fight to maintain: a democratic system supported by the application of the laws to all or a dictatorial system governed by an autocratic figure.

Something that the American people must take into account and take things lightly, pretending that the anti-democratic rhetoric against the institutions of the federal government and the destruction of the judicial system are not at stake if Donald Trump is elected. In the 2024 presidential elections, the American people will have to decide between voting for a president with an authoritarian mentality who assures that if elected, he will impose an autocracy where the destiny of the nation will be in the hands of a single man, or voting for a government that preserves the democratic system as everyone knows it until now.

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