Between conservatism or conspiracy theories: What ideology is controlling the Republican Party right now?
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Between conservatism or conspiracy theories: What ideology is controlling the Republican Party right now?

Usually all political parties start with an ideology In this case we are talking about conservatism, a political platform and a strategic vision to solve the problems of the nation, are some of the characteristics that do not define the Republican Party right now. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why there is a struggle between the far-right wing and traditional conservatives who want to return the Republican Party to its origins.

But with the election of Mike Johnson as the new speaker and leader of the Republican majority in congresses controlled by the Republicans, Mike Johnson, an individual from the extreme right of the party, gives you an idea of the direction of the party with a view to the congressional and presidential elections of 2024, in which we will once again have Donald Trump facing President Joe Biden in a type of election in which the future of the democratic system is at stake.

Who right now has control of the ideology of conservatism in the Republican Party?

Is conservatism the ideology that promotes the Republican Party, or are conspiracy theories, radicalized ideas of the extreme right part of the mentality of many of its leaders in Congress? Many political analysts consider that based on the population changes that are occurring in many southern states controlled by the Republicans, if the Republican Party does not change its political line in recent times, its chances of winning the presidency at the national level are increasingly difficult. 

In the future, will the Republican Party be controlled by the conservative ideology of Liz Cheney and Senator Mitt Romney or, on the contrary, by followers of conspiracy theories like Marjorie Taylor Greene and House GOP leader James Michael Johnson? As a note, the future of the Republican Party is uncertain as to its direction.

There are many conservative moderate Republicans who are leaving the party because of the direction that the party is taking, as a result of the internal struggle between the conservative traditions and those who follow conspiracy theories, but above all because of the persistence in the national leadership to continue supporting former President Donald Trump, who is currently on trial in the Senate for his involvement in inciting the attack or insurgency on Capitol Hill.

Could the impeachment of Donald Trump determine not only the political future of the Republican Party, but also which wing of the party will control it, and all the trials against him, for the accusations presented by the federal and state governments for being anti-democratic, violating the laws,?  All this will depend on several factors: First, how much influence the former president, his supporters and groups of the extreme right have in the functioning and activities associated with the Republican Party.

Although impeachment may disqualify Donald Trump from his 2024 presidential aspirations, if found guilty, no one expects 17 Republican senators to find a former president guilty of what is accused in this second impeachment of inciting an insurrection on Capitol Hill.

Second, how much power do the traditional conservative wing within the party and that group of former Republicans who are part of the Lincoln Project have over Donald Trump and all those who follow his divisive policies, especially those who use conspiracy theories to attract attention within the party?

The reality is that a minority of the Republican Party still preserves the conservative philosophy, but they are fighting against a radicalized group that promotes extreme right-wing policies, which are responsible for the deep division that exists in the country right now.

No one doubts that there is a fight for the soul of the Republican Party, but there is also a fight for the soul of the Dominican nation between the most extreme side of the conservative right and the extreme liberal side of the Democratic Party. Right now, the fear of Donald Trump and his followers is controlling the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln.

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