What is the origin of white supremacy in the United States?
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What is the origin of white supremacy in the United States?

White supremacy against blacks is a simplistic way of looking at a complex problem when you don’t want to recognize the real actors behind this power. The conceptualization of a problem based on a terminology that reflects a collective attitude, replacing it with an imaginary entity, is only an emotional relief product of the impotence that some experts in Freudian theory call catharsis.

When we look for someone outside ourselves to be responsible for our situation, we give to others the power that we have in our capacity to produce change.

How do blacks regain the power that they are giving right now to whites? How does a white minority have the power to control a black majority? How can a black minority control a white majority? Having three things: the power to impose itself, the means that support this imposition, and a philosophy that unites its promoters.

The first is called economic power; the second is called political power; and the third is capitalist philosophy. The first is based on the ability to produce money, the second on the ability to control those who possess the power of arms, and the third on the goals behind this philosophy.

Is white supremacy an institution established to enslave, discriminate against, exploit, destroy and exclude blacks, or is it an institution established to protect the social, legal, political and economic position of the white man? Or, on the contrary, is it just a fictitious institution (Myth) created by the black man to unite in a single institution all those forces that in the past attacked the existence of the black man ?

Is white supremacy a reaction against the efforts and strategies of blacks in their desire to achieve the power that whites possess, or is it a response of the ruling class against those who want to achieve those same levels of power? To know the answer to this question, we must know the reasons, motivations and structures that support modern capitalism, which is not designed based on equality between people, it is designed to produce profit.

When someone wins, that means someone loses. Blacks are poor, and whites are rich. No one gives up power voluntarily. The Negro is losing the racial conflict, but he is also losing the class conflict. The black man must change his strategy if he wants to achieve his goals.

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