20 May, 2024
14 mins read

How does white privilege affect the political, social and economic growth of blacks in the united states?

The concept of class privilege is not something new contrary to white privilege which has its origin during slavery and in this work we will analyze its origin, scope, persistence and effect on minority groups who do not enjoy any type of privileges. Privilege is a concept as old as humanity, just look at any […]

8 mins read

What was the reason why some white women were cheating on their husbands with black men during slavery?

If as history you do not accept that there were many intimacies between white women of high society who owned slaves, you are deceiving yourself and even more so when we read the writings where many white women spoke about the relationships they had with black men during slavery. What could be the reasons behind […]

17 mins read

How is black culture holding black people back in the United States?

Many people within the black community in the United States recognize the enormous influence that black culture has among young people who consume this type of negative message through hip hop and rap music lyrics, a product of the negative effects of this type of music. From the street, some consider that the culture of […]