20 May, 2024
9 mins read

How deeply divided are the American people by the political crisis facing the nation, where voters must decide between democracy in Joe Biden or authoritarianism in Donald Trump in 2024?

Right now, you want to accept it, or there is a political crisis in the American nation, which will only be resolved depending on the results of the next presidential election in 2024 between liberal President Joe Biden and a Donald Trump with an authoritarian mentality. Don’t worry, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell […]

7 mins read

How will the threat of homegrown terrorism, associated with radical far-right groups, affect the lives of the American right now?

Whenever there is an act of international or domestic terrorism promoted by the extreme right or extreme  ideology in any nation in the world, said criminal act changes the way people live in that nation, and the United States will not be the exception. Whenever there is an act of international or internal terrorism promoted […]

3 mins read

Let’s talk about the death of conservatism in the Republican Party and the rise of Trumpism

If you observe the behavior of the leaders in Congress of the Republican Party House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senator Mitch McConnell Minority Leader in the Senate enthusiastically support the ideology of Trumpism, that tells you that conservative ideology is no longer part of the ideological platform of the republican party. Republican party in […]

2 mins read

What is the origin of white supremacy in the United States?

White supremacy against blacks is a simplistic way of looking at a complex problem when you don’t want to recognize the real actors behind this power. The conceptualization of a problem based on a terminology that reflects a collective attitude, replacing it with an imaginary entity, is only an emotional relief product of the impotence […]

5 mins read

How does institutionalized racism affect blacks in the United States?

The slave system in the colonial era, the emergence of racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan with the indirect support of the slave states, and later the  Jim Crow laws are the best examples of these results in the levels of segregation, discrimination , and negative stereotypes that existed at that time where […]

6 mins read

Why members of radicalized far-right wing are no longer supporting Trump?

Many political analysts consider that talking about the Republican Party, especially the radicalized far-right wing groups, is talking about Donald Trump’s party, and more if you analyze the support of the senators and a large majority of the congressman Republicans who, despite the electoral defeat, still see Donald Trump as the indisputable leader of the […]

7 mins read

What freedoms should the American people sacrifice in their fight against domestic terrorism?

When we talk about citizen insecurity and the loss of civil liberties as a result of the rise of domestic terrorism, terrorist acts affect everyone equally, therefore we are all responsible for reporting and being vigilant against any terrorist act that can be prevented by reporting against people who are just like you. When it […]