20 May, 2024
10 mins read

Why some members of radicalized extreme right groups are no longer supporting Donald Trump?

When you observe the behavior of the radicalized extreme right groups within the Republican Party, you come to believe that each of those groups on the most conservative side is behind pushing Donald Trump’s candidacy, and Donald Trump’s absence from being part of the debate, who until this moment leads the polls as the leading […]

7 mins read

How will the threat of homegrown terrorism, associated with radical far-right groups, affect the lives of the American right now?

Whenever there is an act of international or domestic terrorism promoted by the extreme right or extreme  ideology in any nation in the world, said criminal act changes the way people live in that nation, and the United States will not be the exception. Whenever there is an act of international or internal terrorism promoted […]

6 mins read

Why many supporters and leaders of far-right groups believe in baseless disinformation and conspiracy theories?

Knowing little about human behavior, one characteristics that all groups, especially members of far-right groups share is their need to find answers to the problems, concerns and aspirations they have and American society is not the exception to the rule. Faced with social insecurity, changes out of control, the political insurrection and anarchy is the […]