What are the reasons behind Joe Biden’s unrestricted support for Israel and the alleged war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza?
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What are the reasons behind Joe Biden’s unrestricted support for Israel and the alleged war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza?

Right now, when we talk about the states of Israel and the armed conflict in which it is involved, no one doubts that the United States, under the administration of Joe Biden, and several European allies unconditionally support the State of Israel. When you observe the behavior regarding the political, military support and control of information of the administration of Joe Biden, even though you are horrified by the international news images where Palestinian children are being killed by random bombings of civilian buildings in Gaza in the fight that the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, has against Hamas.

When you observe the levels of destruction in the Palestinian city of Gaza due to the continuous bombing of civil buildings by the Israeli army, but also the thousands of deaths of women and children as a result of these atrocities, which are considered a crime against humanity, in the name of self-defense and national security alleged by the Jewish state government of radical far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to oppose the Israeli occupation.

Does the government of Israel have the right to self-defense when attacked by groups considered terrorists such as Hamas, which is committed to armed resistance against Israel and the creation of an Islamic Palestinian state in place of Israel? So, if your answer is yes, and more so when we look at the atrocities perpetrated by the militant wing of Hamas when it was responsible for the Re’im music festival massacre, Hamas militants massacred 270 civilians and injured many more, methodically shooting attendees fleeing and hiding, as well as taking hostages, in the largest terrorist attack on concerts in history, as well as alleging that some women were raped.

Do the people of Palestinian have the right to fight against the Israeli occupation since the 1967 war, displacing millions of Palestinians to Lebanon, Jordan and the Gaza Strip? Whatever you answer is justifying the Jewish state occupation, condemning the self-defense of the Palestinians, and not condemning the crimes committed by all Israeli governments.

You want to accept it or not, but you are also part of the double standard of morality, just as the United States has in its defense of Jewish state atrocities against the Palestinians and the condemnation of Russian atrocities in the war against the Ukrainians. Even though both nations are committing the same act of territorial occupation, using the same methods of cleansing, unique, total destruction and indiscriminate death of the civilian population.

Why do American politicians, both Republican and Democrat, unconditionally support the state of Israel right now in the occupation of Palestine?

From my point of view there are several reasons which we will analyze right now, for this unconditional support of the United States for the Israeli occupation and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Arabs from the territories occupied by the Jewish colonizers supported by the army. To know these reasons, we must first see them in their historical context as a product of the imposition of the Jewish state by the colonial claims of Great Britain in the Middle East. Second, the complicity of the United States in the implementation of economic, military and defense aid in the founding of the state of Israel in the territory of Palestine after the Second World War.

As the third reason, we must also talk about the influence and unconditional support that Christian groups, especially white American evangelicals, have towards the Jewish state, a product of religious beliefs based on biblical writings, where the Israelites are seen as the chosen people [by the God of Abraham].

The fourth reason is that, despite their size and the great political and economic power that Jewish lobby groups have, defenders of the Semitic ideology, which defends the creation of the Jewish state in the occupied territories of Palestine, have influence in party politics in The United States.

Finally, we must talk about the enormous control of the media that pro-Israel Jews have when it comes to unconditional defenses and implementation of Jewish state propaganda on the type of news and analysis that benefits that nation in which the information monopoly about the image of democratic states that defend human rights and a firm ally of the United States in the Middle East, when the State of Israel is talked about in American news media, a type of notion of alliance with the United States which must be defended all cost.

Is the United States trustworthy in the search for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict, from which both sides have benefited?

My answer is no. As long as Joe Biden is President of the United States, there will be no serious solution to this conflict due to the unconditional support shown by Joe Biden’s administration, which is afraid to question the criminal and irresponsible decision of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. In short, Joe Biden is too afraid of pro-liberation groups to do anything to publicly oppose the prime minister’s atrocities, much less have the credibility to be part of any peace agreement between the parties in conflict.

A type of person like the prime minister of the state has the most extreme ideology of the government and, as a result of frustration or an act of revenge, tries to destroy the economic, social, political, educational and health structures in the Palestinian city of Gaza.

But also, we must talk about the indiscriminate deaths of women and children, of which the sum is around fifteen thousand civilians still counting, all due to the prime minister’s desire to exterminate the Hamas group but also the ideology that sustains this anti-occupation movement. Type of Jewish state ruler who doesn’t care about human suffering, much less what President Joe Biden thinks.

What can the American press, pro-Israeli politicians and the federal government do to stop the bad news about apartheid, the death and imprisonment of children and women in prisons in the Jewish states, and also about the real reasons for the ethnic discrimination that exists Against the Arabs in the Jewish state? Nothing.

But the worst of all is justifying the irregular occupation of Palestine lands by the white Jewish colonists as a result of the great influence that biblical beliefs or the Torah have, which affirms, according to some Jews knowledgeable on the subject, that the lands of Palestine were historically and will be the place where the state of Israel is founded.

Don’t have the slightest doubt when talking about the economic interest behind the large national news networks in spreading news that does not harm or hide the Israeli atrocities in the occupied territories, many of them are going to do what they have done so far.

Blame the Palestinians for their bad situation, where they do not have the most fundamental rights and can be imprisoned for nothing. In short, the pro-Israel press in Washington is good at blaming the victim, the Palestinians, but never the victimizer, the state of Israel.

Knowing a little about the pro – Israel reactions and the way in which the large American national news networks reflect, justify and are partial when talking about the situation of the Israeli Arab crisis, always from the point of view of the Israeli government. There is no doubt about whether you are pro-Arab or pro-Palestinian causes, you are accused of supporting Hamas. This is where these pro-Israeli groups use emotional manipulation and the power of money to silence any voice considered pro-Palestinian.

Some are part of the propaganda team in the media for fear of being described as anti-Semitic, and others for fear of the responses of conservative Christian lobby groups in Congress and the loss of campaign money that these pro-Israeli groups contribute to the Political campaign.

Political leaders in the congresses of both parties and the media always use the same excuse to not criticize the Jewish state, where the right to self-defense and national security is the reason for the occupation of the occupied territories for 60 years, all in the name of always defending what the state of Israel does without any type of limitations or conditions.

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