20 May, 2024
7 mins read

Is Joe Biden’s age and health a major obstacle to defeat Donald Trump in November?

No one doubts that right now when talking about his mental health, Joe Biden inadvertently exposed, in an instant, all the doubts about his mental health. Some analysts claim that Joe is going through one of the worst moments of his presidency, a time fatal that could cost him his re-election in November. The age […]

3 mins read

Let’s talk about the death of conservatism in the Republican Party and the rise of Trumpism

If you observe the behavior of the leaders in Congress of the Republican Party House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senator Mitch McConnell Minority Leader in the Senate enthusiastically support the ideology of Trumpism, that tells you that conservative ideology is no longer part of the ideological platform of the republican party. Republican party in […]

6 mins read

How much influence has the ideology of white supremacy within the Republican party

When it comes to the influence that the ideas of supremacy have on the ideological platform of the Republican Party, it is not a new phenomenon, and even more so when we talk about the most radicalized groups who control that party right now. There are many leaders of that party who are part of […]

6 mins read

How is Donald Trump’s big lie the biggest obstacle to winning the presidency in 2024?

For months Donald Trump has been the main promoter of the great lie associated with the electoral defeat that he suffered by the current president Joe Biden in the presidential elections a few years ago. A great lie that united and radicalized the extreme right-wing groups of the party but alienated the more moderate sectors […]

3 mins read

Why will Donald Trump be the candidate for the 2024 presidential election for the Republican party?

Many connoisseurs of American politics recognize that former President Donald Trump could become the Republican party’s candidate for the presidential elections against the second candidate President Joe Biden for the Democratic party, but he also has a very good chance of winning the presidency in 2024.┬áSomething that some political analysts agree is that many voters […]