What are the reasons the Christian leadership is giving unrestricted support to Donald Trump?
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What are the reasons the Christian leadership is giving unrestricted support to Donald Trump?

When you analyze the unconditional support of Christian leadership in America, even though this candidate for the presidency of the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential elections is considered a morally bankrupt person according to allegations of conduct considered inappropriate for a married man.

According to the opinions of some, when it is alleged that a married man has relations prohibited by women who participated in this experience of infidelity, against his wife, according to Christian teachings, this type of prohibited behavior, which is considered adultery, is a type of behavior that is seen as sin.

One of the questions one asks is: What is happening with white Christian nationalists in the United States? No one doubts that the majority of Donald Trump’s supporters are white, and if to get what they want they have to sell their soul to the devil, as a popular expression says, many Christians are making that sacrifice to achieve certain political benefits that Donald Trump can give in exchange for their vote.

Christian believers, who do not care if the behavior considered promiscuous with some of Donald Trump’s women is true or not, including against his current wife Melania, when according to the allegations of some of these women who claim to have had prohibited relationships in the past with a married man, known as Donald Trump, one of the figures most adored and followed by Christians in America.

But when talking about the unconditional support of evangelical Christians for Donald Trump, his moral behavior never comes into consideration, which creates a bad precedent for Christians in the future, as guardians of the moral behavior of a political leader.

A type of new Christians with old ideas who, as a result of racism and anti-migrant sentiment, have attitudes that can be considered nationalist or extremist, which is against the most fundamental values of what it means to be Christian.

A new type of Christian activism whose members are part of the extreme right movement, a hate movement that goes against everyone who is different not so much in religious beliefs, but in lifestyle, political thought, origin, nationality and skin color. . From my point of view, there could be many reasons for this.

Why are Christian leaders in the present and in the past supporting Donald Trump’s presidential leadership, a man considered morally bankrupt?

Before I start with my argument, Something we have to accept is that not all Christians support the conservative, extremist policies that Donald Trump promotes.  But when you observe the behavior of some members of the Christian leadership who remain silent about immoral behaviors based on those postulated by Christian doctrine,

This selective silence tells you that many of these so-called Christian leaders really do not follow the examples of Christ and have become simple politicians who are using the postulates of Christianity to impose a type of agenda of extreme right-wing groups.

We can all see that a large majority of the Christian leadership, a large white majority, is giving their support to unrestricted behavior right now, one year before the presidential elections. Anti-democratic of Donald Trump, but also in his desire to win the presidency in the 2024 elections.

Is the Christian leadership responsible for this loss of spiritual vision in a part of the Christian population that does not care about this loss of values in some of its members? I have the belief that yes. Every Christian leader engaging in any type of political activism must ensure that his job is not to follow the wishes of some believers who politically follow a candidate’s agenda.

As the leader of a congregation that follows Christian thought and is part of the Christian leadership, he or she, as the leader of that congregation, must always concentrate on teaching his or her followers what the life and sacrifice of Jesus really mean for all human beings, no matter what. Whether they are believers in the postulates of the Christian faith or not

The pro-Trump supporters’ unconditional support for one of the most lying and inconceivable presidents creates the idea that Christians in the United States have lost their values, especially when you observe the behavior of many evangelical leaders who supported the policies of the far right promoted by President Donald Trump.

Why do some members of the Christian leadership unconditionally support Donald Trump’s immoral policies and behavior?

Anyone who has read and understood the biblical message comes to the conclusion that anyone who supports a movement of hatred against others cannot be considered a Christian. But I have no doubt that some Christian leaders, perhaps without realizing it, are creating a negative image with a segment of the Christian population, especially women, who idealize and follow the advice of these leaders. Cristina right now is not the best option.

That blind support from some of the figures of the sure Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, as is the case of the pro-Trump evangelical Christian leadership supporters who, until this moment, are unconditionally supporting Donald Trump in everything he does or says.

From my point of view as a non-Christian individual, it is not the best way to go in the long term to achieve short-term political objectives, which will harm all Christians in the future. Type of political agenda of the extreme right, which is only creating division among Americans, especially when it comes to the right of women to have control over their bodies.

This is where some “nationalist Christians” use the doctrines of Christianity to promote their anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish, and antigovernmental sentiments, all while being part of extreme right-wing extremist groups that are only interested in staying in power as it is, no matter if they sell their souls to the devil to achieve their political goals.

Many fanatic Christians who are followers of Donald Trump and claim to practice Christianity have not really understood the teaching of the life of Jesus, especially white Christians and Christian leaders who follow the words of that false messiah known as Donald Trump. For many Christians, what Donald Trump says carries more weight than the word of God, according to the scriptures.

Many Christians who worship the personality of Donald Trump don’t really know what being Christian really means. That is why many ask, What is happening with the Christian believers in America who blindly follow the figure of Donald Trump, a political leader and presidential candidate who has shown up to this moment, considered a pathological liar with an autocratic mentality.

But, many Christians look the other way at the immoral conduct of Donald Trump as long as he implements anti-democratic measures that meet the expectations of some fundamentalist Christians who wish to limit the right to abortion as the center of their lives, without really caring about the well-being of children born as a result of unwanted pregnancies, but also of those children who live in government institutions because there are no parents who want to take care of them and give them the love or pretension that they need.

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