20 May, 2024
14 mins read

What are the main reasons why there are too many single black women right now?

There is no doubt that there are many single black women right now, but what is the reason for these problems that are affecting the black family structure right now in the United States? Let’s try to answer this question from a black man’s perspective. Someone who has been single my entire adult life, who […]

10 mins read

What were the 4 reasons why white women cheated on their husbands with black slaves?

The reasons why high-society women who owned slaves had sexual relations with black slaves who worked on their property are a type of relationship that is little explored when talking about the history of the United States, where racial miscegenation as a result of this type of Intimate relationship between the white colonizers and the […]

21 mins read

What are the reasons why a black woman cannot find a good husband?

When you look at the large number of black girls who are single mothers with two or three children without the presence of their parents, that tells you that there is a crisis within the family and all because a large percentage of women are single mothers because women Black women right now, for whatever […]