20 May, 2024
10 mins read

What were the 4 reasons why white women cheated on their husbands with black slaves?

The reasons why high-society women who owned slaves had sexual relations with black slaves who worked on their property are a type of relationship that is little explored when talking about the history of the United States, where racial miscegenation as a result of this type of Intimate relationship between the white colonizers and the […]

21 mins read

What are the reasons why a black woman cannot find a good husband?

When you look at the large number of black girls who are single mothers with two or three children without the presence of their parents, that tells you that there is a crisis within the family and all because a large percentage of women are single mothers because women Black women right now, for whatever […]

13 mins read

Why do some dark-skinned black women put biracial women on a pedestal?

Right now there is a competition between dark-skinned black women and biracial women for access to racial privileges, which is why some black women tend to admire or dislike biracial women, but also black women light skinned. We can all see that biracial women have a better chance of success than black women and even […]

8 mins read

What was the reason why some white women were cheating on their husbands with black men during slavery?

If as history you do not accept that there were many intimacies between white women of high society who owned slaves, you are deceiving yourself and even more so when we read the writings where many white women spoke about the relationships they had with black men during slavery. What could be the reasons behind […]