How deeply divided are the American people by the political crisis facing the nation, where voters must decide between democracy in Joe Biden or authoritarianism in Donald Trump in 2024?
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How deeply divided are the American people by the political crisis facing the nation, where voters must decide between democracy in Joe Biden or authoritarianism in Donald Trump in 2024?

Right now, you want to accept it, or there is a political crisis in the American nation, which will only be resolved depending on the results of the next presidential election in 2024 between liberal President Joe Biden and a Donald Trump with an authoritarian mentality.

Don’t worry, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that in the next presidential elections, voters will decide in the nation’s political future between a democratic government or a dictatorial government supported by far-right nationalist Republican leaders in Congress right now.

When you look at the conservative political thinking of Speaker Mike Johnson and moderate Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York, who right now do not have the ability to reach the kind of legislative agreement they want, it is a sign of the political crisis the nation faces this year. A moment where working for the benefit of the American people is in the background, and even more so if Mike Johnson introduces some type of resolution to begin the process to remove President Joe Biden from the presidency.

We all know that right now, when you look at the political scene, there is no doubt about it, the American people are watching what is happening in Congress when the most radical, Pro-Trump extreme right side of the Republican Party faces the most liberal side of the Democratic Party. , where the word commitment does not exist, because ideologically these groups are too separated in the way they govern the American nation, which will only contribute to the political crisis that we are seeing right now.

Don’t have the slightest doubt that, also based on the type of politician that the American people choose in the House of Representatives between the most conservative extreme right side of the Republican Party and the most liberal side of the Democratic Party in the next Congress, there will be a choice between a deadlock in Congress or a type of Congress willing to compromise to pass some type of legislation that benefits the American people.

Having congressmen willing to reach some compromise with the other side will be extremely important for whoever is elected president in the 2024 general elections. When the results of the congressional and presidential elections are known, we will all have an idea if the American nation has overcome its worst crisis in history or the political crisis has worsened.

What would be the political scenarios that would aggravate the political crisis in the country according to the results of the election of the next president in 2024?

If Donald Trump is elected president and the Democratic Party regains control of Congress in the lower house, there is a good chance that everything will stop in Washington, DC. In the same way, if Joe Biden is re-elected as president of the nation and the Republicans maintain the majority in the lower house and the senate, you will have the same results, where any type of political initiative from Donald Trump, if not accepted by the Democrats, is dead as soon as it reaches the floor of both chambers.

If you listen to the headlines in the newspapers, the big national news networks and all the traditional media, it seems that the United States is on the brink of a civil war. Many political analysts think that the future of the nation is at stake right now as a result of this political crisis that is destroying the fabric of the democratic system.

Type of political and institutional crisis that is breaking the fiber of the democratic system, and even more so when you listen to the latest pronounced anti-democratic ideas and actions of the insurance nominee as a candidate for the presidency of the Republican Party in the presidential elections in 2024.

Ideas and statements considered by some political analysts only exist among people with an authoritarian mentality. When he claims that if he becomes president, he will close some news media outlets that are against his aspirations to return to power. The conclusion, according to some political analysts, would be the reason for the worsening of the political crisis that the nation is going through right now, but also in the future with the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency, displacing the democratic ideas of Joe Biden.

Republican leaders’ lack of support for economic relief to support the crisis and war in Ukraine could be a sign of a deepening division to the detriment of the American people. Three years since Joe Biden came to power and the departure of Donald Trump have exacerbated these political crises between extremist political sides that hate the term compromise in the face of the profound challenges facing the nation.

On the one hand, the more liberated wing of the Democratic Party is pushing Joe Biden towards more progressive policies, and on the other hand, we have Republican congressmen in Congress and Trump supporters who are pressuring the majority leaders in the lower and upper chambers to have a more radical position promoted by far-right conservatives who are against Joe Biden’s presidency, which from my point of view is one of the reasons for the political crisis that the nation is facing right now.

No one doubts either, and even more so when one observes the lack of agreement in Congress dominated by a narrow margin by their Republican counterparts in their desire to approve new legislation, which indicates that the ideological division between conservative Republicans and progressive Democrats, stagnant in Congress , a situation of legislative blockade, is what dominates Washington right now, and even more so when these political organizations are controlled by the most extreme sides of both parties, which will only contribute to the permanence of the political crisis that we are experiencing at this moment.

Is the gridlock in Congress right now giving the impression that we are facing a deeply divided nation where both sides will not reach any kind of legislative agreement no matter who the president is?

One thing is the deep division of the national political leadership, and another is the division of the American people. Many times, the tabloid press does not make that difference. Political leadership often does not act in the best interests of the American people, but always serves the economic interests and power groups that support the national political class in both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

When the national press talks many times about the division of the American people, it gives the impression that the American people, represented by the political leaders in Washington DC, really accept as the norm the stagnation they observe in Congress, when We all know that the American people hate gridlock in Washington DC. One of the reasons for Congress’ lack of commitment to passing new legislation that benefits the American people is the ambition of congressmen to remain in power.

Right now, the Republican Congress is not looking for a solution to the problems of the economic crisis and the crisis caused by international conflicts that have kept Joe Bind’s administration busy without paying attention to national problems.

With the arrival of a new Republican leadership in the House of Representatives of Congress, much more conservative than the previous one, the war crisis in Ukraine and the approval of financial aid for that nation that is at war with Russia—let’s not talk about the confrontation between the government of Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which tells you that in the face of these international problems, both parties cannot agree on the way forward.

No one doubts that, as a mechanism to regain control of Congress, opposing Joe Biden’s political agenda is the practice that the Republican leadership will use not only in the Lower House but also in the Senate.

Analyzing the behavior of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and new House Minority Leader Mike Johnson, R-La., gives the impression that we are looking at a divided nation, when what we are seeing is a policy of stagnation promoted by the opposition in Washington as a mechanism to regain lost power.

Do not have the slightest doubt that with the arrival to power of Donald Trump in a House of Representatives dominated by a Democratic majority, that black cloud of a political crisis will be part of the administration of Donald Trump. We must accept the permanence in power of Joe Biden In a democratic government in a lower house controlled by the most extremist side of the Republican Party. The political crisis of the American nation will stop any type of advance in the future.

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