What happened to members of the extreme far-right groups that attacked Congress?
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What happened to members of the extreme far-right groups that attacked Congress?

When you analyze the way the police treat black people in comparison to extreme far-right groups where the vast majority are white, some of them with certain anti-immigrant but also anti-black ideas, there is no doubt that officers, when it comes to applying the law, they have a preference for certain groups. Mostly, whether it is a product of fear or because they are part of the same racial group, we have to talk about the members of extreme far-right groups. In this case, we are talking about groups where all their members are white, it does not matter if they are liberal, conservative or extreme far-right groups.

I am certain that they have some kind of preference for certain groups in the way they treat them. In this case, we are talking about groups that treat them softly or turn a blind eye to them, and imprison or subject to the members of those groups. or be accused in court for the crimes supposedly committed, and where all its members are white, it does not matter if they are liberal, conservative or far-right.

Recognizing that there is a certain preference for favoring white criminals as opposed to black ones for white or black police officers. Do not have the slightest doubt when talking about the justice system. We must also assume that there is also a preference for granting privileges or low condemnation to the mobs of white pro-Trump supporters who are mostly part of the extreme far-right groups. Contrary to the statement, treat black mobs harshly as members of the group Black lives matter.

When did he reason that officials in Washington, DC, where a large majority are part of the minority, did not make the same effort to suppress or stop protests by a large majority white, pro-Trump supporters? Do not have the slightest doubt that the mentality of anti-black and pro-black officials is part of the collective mentality of political officials in all states, whether they are the most liberal or the most conservative, they all tend to have the same anti-black and pro-white behavior.

How different is the treatment of police officers between black and white, especially extreme far-right groups?

My answer is no. From my point of view, this mistreatment against white people is mostly an institutional problem that has its origins in the slave system, was legalized during the implementation of the Jim Crow laws, and institutionalizes anti-black behavior that is taught to members of the police, where the skin color of law enforcement officers does not matter.

When you look at the way the police responded to these types of attacks by them, it tells you that there is a certain deference on the part of police authorities to individuals from their own racial group that is different from the brutality shown by them when they talk about minority groups, especially blacks, which can be considered part of that ideology of white supremacy. Some analysts believe that this is nothing more than an example of the institutionalized racism that exists in the vast majority of police forces across the nation.

The attack on the Congress buildings will tell us what happened to the conservative far-right members  when they or the provoked an insurrection in Congress to stop the continuation of the Democratic system. Starting from the type of accusations made by justice against whites who are part of the extreme right, we will understand if there is a justice system for blacks and others for whites.

extreme far-right groups

Until now, what has the justice system done to imprison the members of the extreme far-right groups that attacked Congress?

For decades, the political leaders of both parties, Republican or Democrat, have not wanted to accept the danger posed by the growth of domestic terrorism and the threat posed by such criminal activities simply because some members of these radicalized far-right groups are, in many cases, part of the voters of these parties, especially when we talk about the conservative wing of the Republican Party

The anti-democratic, antigovernmental, pro-white supremacist, extreme far-right groups and nationalist activities that increased during the presidency of Donald Trump were welcomed, defended and promoted, which increased the influence of these radicalized extreme right-wing groups, which resulted in the attack on the Congress building. Act of insurrection, which was condemned by all Americans who defend the democratic system.

If you observe the responses of the federal government to these acts of domestic terrorism by investigative agencies of the federal government such as the FBI and the attorney general’s office, it gives the impression that they do not really want to bring those responsible for this to justice.

The slowness of the investigation, the persecution and the softness of the accusations against the participants tell you that the authorities do not want to seriously face the dangers posed by the criminal activities of these extreme right-wing groups, such as domestic terrorists, as considered by experts in counterterrorism.

I am convinced that each of these participants of the extreme conservative nationalists, and extreme far-right groups who were against the democratic system several years ago when they tried to prevent the coming to power of the current president Joe Biden, as a result of their criminal actions, we are seeing that the vast majority of the participants were accused, and right now the leaders and best-known participants are being convicted by the American justice system.

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