Let’s talk about the death of conservatism in the Republican Party and the rise of Trumpism
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Let’s talk about the death of conservatism in the Republican Party and the rise of Trumpism

If you observe the behavior of the leaders in Congress of the Republican Party House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senator Mitch McConnell Minority Leader in the Senate enthusiastically support the ideology of Trumpism, that tells you that conservative ideology is no longer part of the ideological platform of the republican party.

Republican party in which this time it is being controlled by people who follow the ideology promoted by the far right-wing extremist of Lincoln’s party which is based on conspiracy theories, white supremacy, misinformation and the cult of personality. Some congressional leaders for being on the good side of Donald Trump, still do not accept the victory of Joe Biden.

Conservative beliefs which from my point of view are dead in the Republican Party when you observe the political platform and pronouncement of many Republican leaders who promote and defend the ideology of Trumpism. Small government, fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, a strong defense and conservative values ​​are no longer part of the ideological platform of the Republican Party.

When we refer to Trumpism, what are we really talking about? From my point of view, Trumpism, more than a cult of personality, represents the political, economic, social and racial aspirations of a part of the white population who do not accept what America is right now. Trumpism is a political movement within the Republican Party.

“Ideology of Trumpism” or cult of the personality of Donald Trump, a figure which is simply a representation of the fear, mistrust and anxiety suffered by that white American who thinks they are being left behind by an American society which is changing. As a result of that fear for the loss of power, the extreme right Republicans only listen to what they want to hear and see what they want to see.

Fear of cultural change by radicalized right-wing American whites, which the entire national leadership of the Republican Party, be it congressmen and senators with presidential aspirations, understands and exploits politically, in the hope of captivating pro-Trump supporters their political ambitions will be supported. by the militants of these groups.

Aspirants for the presidential nomination in 2024 such as Tez Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike pence, Missouri Republican Josh Hawley or the return to control of the lower and upper house in congress in the media elections ended up understanding that power can only be achieved based on the ideology of the Trumpism.

One thing these politicians must understand is that Donald Trump is a charismatic, populist and demagogue leader who can connect with the fears, anxiety and mistrust of white Americans, something they cannot do.

Why should we talk about the death of the conservative ideology in the republican party? While the center of attention of Republican leaders and many Republican voters maintain support for this ideology of Trumpism there is no room for a return to conservative ideas within the Republican party. The reality is that you cannot be a Trumpist and be a conservative at the same time.

Nobody also doubts that right now that the political movement of Trumpism and all the groups of extreme right-wing nationalists that are associated with this moment is controlling the Republican party now, perhaps that is why many leaders within the party have to bow to it or seek the approval of Donald Trump, to have a certain relevance within the party.

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