Why will Donald Trump be the candidate for the 2024 presidential election for the Republican party?
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Why will Donald Trump be the candidate for the 2024 presidential election for the Republican party?

Many connoisseurs of American politics recognize that former President Donald Trump could become the Republican party’s candidate for the presidential elections against the second candidate President Joe Biden for the Democratic party, but he also has a very good chance of winning the presidency in 2024.┬áSomething that some political analysts agree is that many voters did not vote for Joe Biden, many of them voted against Donald Trump.

Donald trump, apart from being a political figure with national traction, has an enormous capacity to control the message and instill fear in his opponents, especially the other pre-candidates within the Republican party who need the support of Donald Trump to reach the presidential nomination.

Right now there is a huge list of candidates who are challenging Donald trump for the presidential candidacy of the republican party: Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo to name a few. Each of these candidates have their strong and weak sides, but each of them are well known within the GOP.

but something that all of them have in common is the fear of confronting Donald Trump that they all have, but also the retaliation of that small group considered hard-line of Trump supporters, who admire the figure of Donald Trump.┬áNo matter what the others do or say, the candidate for the presidency of the republican party exists in the 25% within that party who will never vote for anyone other than Donald trump is one of the biggest challenges they face for the party’s nomination.

Why did I come to the conclusion that Donald Trump would be the candidate for the presidency of the Republican party?

Three elements to consider: A) Control of the most conservative and most active members within the Republican party. B) He has the support of the majority within the base of the party or more followers, but he also has the Charisma and ability to motivate the population in large political rallies within the party. C) He is the only candidate that guarantees the unity of the Republican party in the 2024 presidential elections between the most extremist side of the party, the Maga republican and the most conservative side.

Finally, we must talk about the possibility that Donald Trump, if he does not win the party’s nomination, will run as an independent candidate, which guarantees the victory of the Democratic party and maintenance of Joe Biden and the defeat of anyone who the candidate of the republican party, but also the loss of control of the house of representatives in congress and more with the extreme margin that the republicans have right now.

Many candidates within the GOP are betting that Donald Trump’s legal and judicial problems negatively affect his influence as a national figure and a significant number of Republicans have unconditional support for Donald Trump, something that is not happening right now, because of the On the contrary, these judicial problems are being used by Donald Trump to collect more money for his campaign, but also the cost of lawyers.

Another aspect to consider is that the Republican party is controlled by the extreme right of the party and right now no one is more extremist than Donald Trump, that is why his followers follow him faithfully and let’s not talk about the congressional leaders who are publicly the best defenders of Donald Trump due to the different judicial accusations that are being submitted. All the GOP candidates are simply a more extreme version of Donald Trump, but without the charisma that he has.

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