How is Donald Trump’s big lie the biggest obstacle to winning the presidency in 2024?
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How is Donald Trump’s big lie the biggest obstacle to winning the presidency in 2024?

For months Donald Trump has been the main promoter of the great lie associated with the electoral defeat that he suffered by the current president Joe Biden in the presidential elections a few years ago. A great lie that united and radicalized the extreme right-wing groups of the party but alienated the more moderate sectors of the Republican party.

Electoral defeat which according to Donald Trump was due to a great electoral fraud by democrats, even though until now no one has seen any type of evidence that supports this allegation in many states that he won and more when all the courts have rejected the alleged evidence of the allegations of this electoral fraud because they are not supported by credible evidence.

Many political analysts consider that, as Donald Trump has control of the Republican party, it is one of the reasons why he can be considered right now as the only presidential candidate of that political party in the 2024 elections because no one dares to challenge him for leadership within the party. which creates the impression that he will be the party’s candidate by acclamation, not as a result of a primary, an acclamation which is the Product of the fear of Donald Trump, not the product of an electoral process.

The great lie of Donald Trump as a mechanism to justify the electoral defeat and maintain control of the party is a political strategy supported by fear and revenge which has its effect within the party, but at the same time decreases the opportunity to return to power. . Can Donald Trump return to power without the support of moderate Republicans, who do not accept him? It is an answer that we will know based on the results of the midterm elections.

No one doubts that the big lie is affecting his chance for him to return to the presidency in the next elections, so changing his rhetoric is his only strategy to follow. But does Donald Trump have the courage to change a strategy of intimidation and lies that has even paid off for his control of the leadership in the party? This is where abandoning or continuing with the big lie presents a great dilemma for Donald Trump if he wants to win the 2024 elections, between winning the support of moderate Republicans or losing the support of the most radical groups in the Republican party.

This is where the great monster of the great lie will stop the presidential aspirations of Donald Trump in 2024. No one doubts that the other alternative that Donald Trump has would be the repudiation of extremist groups in the Republican party who would feel betrayed if he changes course to attract moderate Republicans. We all know of that need for Donald Trump to be praised by his followers. Narcissistic and egocentric mentality which is part of Donald Trump’s behavior, emotions and thinking. Would Donald Trump push aside his egocentric and narcissistic mindset to get to the presidency? The answer is known to everyone, including Donald Trump.

Something that we must all accept and many do not dare to say to avoid the negative reactions of Donald Trump. Right now Donald Trump is not really in control of the Republican Party, the radicalized far-right groups that he really is in control of, Donald is simply the catalyst for the aspirations and passions of these groups. The big lie of electoral fraud, fear of change and conspiracy theories are the elements that unify these radicalized groups within the Republican party. The ideology of Trumpism is much stronger than Donald Trump himself

Donald Trump right now is imprisoned in a prison created by the great lie built by him and breaking that prison is something that Donald Trump does not have the power to do and even more when he is out of prison or has not been charged it is because he still has control and is very popular within the party. Right now the Republican party does not need Donald Trump, on the contrary Donald Trump is the one who needs the Republican party as a shield against all its legal problems.

Something that Donald Trump has to accept, the results of past elections show that as a candidate of the Republican party he cannot win only with the support of the party base, which forces him to vary his discourse in order to reach the moderate sectors of the Republican party who did not vote for him, especially women in urban areas and let’s not talk about the search for independents who voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden.

This is where the prison created by the big lie is something that Donald Trump cannot escape if he wishes to be relevant within the party. The vast majority of radicalized extreme-right groups who have control of the Republican party, their ideology is not based on political commitment to reach power, many of them their actions are not politically motivated, each of their actions are the product of fear of lose power in the great changes that are taking place in American society right now.

Change in American society that Trumpism ideology cannot stop, but can slow it down and the insurrection on January 6th trying to stop Joe Biden’s certification of victory is the result of this need to stop that change. Right now many undeclared presidential hopefuls embrace the ideology of Trumpism as a means of coming to power, but none have the charisma of Donald Trump.

The problem with the Trumpism ideology is that it is not supported by moderate Republicans living in urban areas of many states who are critical of winning the presidency. That is why the great lie of Donald Trump, the conspiratorial theories, fear of immigrants, anti-black philosophies, the intimidation of the voters, control and suppression of the vote are not enough to motivate many American voters for the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Donald Trump cannot abandon the big lie because it would be a political suicide within the Republican party.

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