What were the 4 reasons why white women cheated on their husbands with black slaves?
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What were the 4 reasons why white women cheated on their husbands with black slaves?

The reasons why high-society women who owned slaves had sexual relations with black slaves who worked on their property are a type of relationship that is little explored when talking about the history of the United States, where racial miscegenation as a result of this type of Intimate relationship between the white colonizers and the black slaves in many cases was the cause of the implementation of anti-miscegenation laws to prevent the growth of the mulatto population in the British colonies in North America.

Some historians will say that one of the reasons was jealousy when she saw that her husbands had intimate relationships with black slaves when they saw the increase in the growth of mulatto children on the plantation, but also when the white husband, who was cheating on his wife with the slaves, first got revenge on the adulterous husband, who was cheating on his wife with a black woman, and second as a way for the woman to satisfy those sexual needs that were not satisfied by the husband.


What were the four reasons why a white woman was unfaithful to her husband with a black man during slavery?

One of the first reasons, from my point of view, was revenge, a product of jealousy or spite against their white husbands who owned black slaves and maintained relationships considered prohibited with them, even when this type of marital relationship was considered immoral, and all to satisfy the most primitive impulses that every man has when he looks at the body of a half-naked black slave woman working in the field.

Type of white man, who in many cases was the owner or foreman of the agricultural plantation, harvesting tobacco, and cotton, where they work under the intense heat of the oppressive sun in summer times. Adulterous behavior of married white men, who at the time forgot the most intimate needs of their wives and concubines, but were also at the same time, without realizing it, destroying the ego and self-esteem of white women when their husbands chose to take a black woman slave in bed, and he didn’t do it with her wife.

Immoral and selfish acts of some white slave-owning men, which made the white woman feel less attractive than the black woman in a slave society with a puritanical mentality, which saw black people as less than white people according to the social hierarchy of the time, but it was also the racial caste system in the British colonies.

As reason number two for why some white women cheated on their husbands with black men during slavery, we have to talk about the exaltation of a black man’s intimate attributes over other qualities of the white man’s body during slavery.

Historically, everyone knows that both the bodies of black men and women were exploited and raped by slave owners, but they were also used as a tool of production, in which the wombs of black women were used to breed slave children due to the commercial value that they had in the African slave market, after the purchase of slaves in the international market was suspended, which was as famous and lucrative during that time as the transatlantic trade in African slaves.

Other historians, more liberal in their thinking, claim that the bodies of male slaves were also exploited in relationships considered sinful. Types of physical and emotional exploitation, although to a lesser extent than the bodies of black women by white women who owned slaves. High-society white women, who, as a result of racial stereotypes associated with intensity, size, and hotness in intimate relationships with blacks, caught the attention of white women, who also enjoyed a type of intimate exchange relationship of hormones, which was prohibited, but many of them had that fetish towards the bodies of slaves, and Let’s not talk about the erotic fantasies that some white women had.

Conclusion: The behavior associated with the bodies of slaves tells you that the exaltation of the most intimate attributes of a person above others included both black women and men, was part of the collective imagination of some whites, in which erotic images of both white men and women, visualizing those masculine and feminine attributes that were characteristic of black slaves, were the center of attention.

We all know that during slavery, in the vast majority of the southern British colonies, both black men and women were seen as wild animals who had no control over their impulses or hormonal activities, where they made love, with anyone, anywhere, any place or time, without thinking about the moral consequences of said acts, was something that scandalized the puritanical European society of the time.

Let’s talk about the third reason why some white women slept with black people during slavery, in which slave-owning socialite women used the most forbidden desires against male slaves as a way to establish hierarchical dominance as a woman over a man in a society considered patriarchal, in which she, as the owner of that slave, had total dominion over a man. Type of high-society woman who defended, sued and was always in a position of power over black men who were part of her property, either hers or her husband’s.

Taking this into account, we must also ask ourselves the question; If a slave owner exploited the bodies of black women, could there also have been the possibility of white women exploiting the bodies of black men? During that time, they must have been too stupid or naive not to understand that these types of relationships, although they were considered immoral by the society of the time.

Perhaps that is why, without speculating, we must accept that relationships between whites and blacks did not occur in the rooms of some white women, outside the inquisitive gaze of social repudiation of those who enjoyed the body of a slave man, which she considered property. To make these types of relationships prohibited by satisfying the most primitive needs are seen by the church as a sin.

This is where the dynamics of the relationship between slave owners and slaves change when we talk about the work, personal and intimate relationship between a white man who owns slaves and a white woman who owns black slaves, where it is important, who has the power and who does not, as well as the way in which that power is applied by the dominant group.

No doubt, the slave owners applied power to the black slaves they owned, in the same way the white female slave owners imposed their power on the male slaves, where they satisfied their needs, demands, and desires. The most intimate feelings of flesh were part of this dynamic between slave owner and slave.

Finally, when we talk about the reasons why a white woman made love to a slave, in some cases being unfaithful to her husband, which I consider number four, why some white women had forbidden relations with a black man, even when it was morally condemned, to the point that such a relationship was considered a social taboo, which could cost a black man, his life. And even more so when that black man had been found in a relationship, considered romantically, with a white woman, which would also bring disgrace and bad criticism from a woman who dared to break this type of social taboo by exchanging hormones with a black man.

We must all accept that concubine relationships between white women and black men, which were the product of love between two racially different people, were a reality during slavery, even in the most racist anti-black states, such as the southern slave states. States, where the largest number of the black population were slaves, a type of racist slave society, where the laws of racial miscegenation were applied, which prohibited any type of marital relationship between blacks and whites, but mostly between a black man and a white woman.

But, one thing people need to recognize is that marital or loving relationships between two racial groups that share the same social space, whether at home, at work, or in places of recreation, or live in the same neighborhood and have the same economic and social status, marriage relations between different racial groups are inevitable.

Where these relationships are considered prohibited, they fulfill the emotional needs offered by male company, where respect and feeling loved and desired were the most important things in this type of marital relationship between a white woman and a slave or free black man during slavery. Were there intimate relationships during slavery between black men and white women? My answer is yes.

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