How much influence has the ideology of white supremacy within the Republican party
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How much influence has the ideology of white supremacy within the Republican party

When it comes to the influence that the ideas of supremacy have on the ideological platform of the Republican Party, it is not a new phenomenon, and even more so when we talk about the most radicalized groups who control that party right now. There are many leaders of that party who are part of this ideology out of personal conviction, and others do not know that they have it.

 The reaction of some white Republicans to the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty of having killed two people and injured a third, under the allegation of self-defense, tells you, that they were not supporting the verdict of not guilty, but what Kyle Rittenhouse’s action represents for the many white right-wing extremists with the ideology of white supremacy.

What would have been the reaction if the accused had been a black man found not guilty of equal crimes? From my point of view, there would be no reaction, because you can be sure that this man would have been found guilty in all the cases of which he is accused. This is where justice once showed the enormous power that white ideology and racial privileges have in the collective consciousness of many white Americans. The white juries didn’t have the guts to find one of them guilty.

Is white supremacy an ideology or a political movement? From my point of view, it is both. It is a racist ideology that has always been part of American history, long before this nation was founded, but it is also a political movement that for decades has been part of the most radicalized far-right grassroots of the Republican Party. The only difference is that in the past they were in the back, while now they are in front of the dominant ideology of the party.

Many speak of the Ku Klux Klan as a synonym for white supremacy, but there is a series of partisan politics, institutional racism, group attitudes, and pro-white supremacy sympathies from many Republican leaders who, for political reasons, are closely associated with this racist ideology. Right now, having racist or pro white supremacy ideas does not damage the image of Republicans, who would have openly defended this racist ideology.

 No one doubts that with the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency, these pro racist and nationalist groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, felt the support of former President Donald Trump, for reasons for which, right now, many more openly admit that they support this type of racist ideology. Especially, some leaders in Congress who don’t dare to contradict it are said or done by radicalized far-right Republican rank-and-file members of the Republican Party, many of whom belong to groups associated with white supremacy.

It is possible that many of you remember when Donald Trump, during the campaign for the presidency of the United States, did not denounce the racist activities of the Ku Klux Klan, much less its leader David Duke. Lack of repudiation against this racist organization, which broke with the tradition of distance between the Republican Party and this pro-white supremacy organization. As a result of that silent support by Donald Trump of the racist activities of David Duke, the members of this organization were empowered within the Republican Party.

Supremacy as an ideology, many people in the United States are white, whether they want to accept it or not, but it is part of the collective consciousness of the American nation, which is why institutionalized racism is part of the behavior of many people who work and run state institutions, as well as many federal agencies, especially when we talk about the justice system in the United States and the prison system.

This racist ideology is also part of many of the private sector entities (Large corporations, financial sector, health system, higher education, management positions, employment opportunities, bank loans, lack of financing) when they allow racist attitudes and privileges associated with white people to be part of the labor policy accepted by these private sector entities to the detriment of black minorities.

The behavior of racism is the direct effect of the ideology of white supremacy, which is part of the mentality of the white people who follow this ideology. Something that many people do not understand is that at the moment that you consider blacks inferior or deserve less than whites, you are acting under the ideology of white supremacy.

When you treat a white person differently from a black person and that difference benefits the white person and harms the black person, you are acting under the ideology of racism. When you feel afraid of being next to a black person and confident next to a white person, you are acting, perhaps without knowing it, under the ideology of white supremacy.

When you have a positive opinion of a white person without knowing it and a bad opinion of a black person without knowing it, your opinion is formed based on ideas and prejudices based on the skin color of the people, which is the product of promoted racism. By groups that support white supremacy. The most painful thing about all this is that many people support the ideology of racism without knowing it which could be your case.

Right now, if you are part of the Republican Party of Donald Trump, maybe you do not know it, but you are supporting the ideology of racism that is part of those radicalized groups of the extreme right that have control of the political organization. You are part of the problem, not the solution. But, this racist, pro white supremacy attitude is nothing new in Republican Party militants who sell their souls to the devil, as long as this guarantees the power they have or can achieve.

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