Why are the most radical right wing groups controlling the Republican party right now?
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Why are the most radical right wing groups controlling the Republican party right now?

Those who analyze the political platform of the Republican Party, never accept the reality that the most radicalized extremist groups of the most conservative right have always had some control within the Republican Party, something that Donald Trump understood before starting his campaign for the presidential candidacy of the Republican Party.

In the past, these groups were kept anonymous for political reasons, but Donald Trump brought them to the public’s attention as a way to take control of the party and defeat the moderate leadership of the party. For decades, the leaders of the Republican Party knew of the extremist ideas of these groups, but they needed the enthusiasm that these groups had on Election Day as a way to win presidential and local government elections.

Pretending that these extreme right-wing groups with nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-black ideologies are a new phenomenon has not understood how the different political movements within the Republican Party move, which are mostly white. Right now, the Republican Party is a party of white people. Militants registered as Republicans who are 80% supporters of Donald Trump but also actively follow Donald Trump’s anti-establishment guidelines.

What is the reason why minority groups do not support the political platform of the Republican Party? This is where the far-right ideology of that party is the reason for the lack of support from minority groups for Republican candidates. Only 18% of blacks and 23% of Latinos publicly consider themselves part of this party, while 70% of white men are part of this party, mostly with a low educational level.

Everyone knows that the Democratic Party is the one that is benefiting the most from this trend, which is why the vast majority of African Americans, Hispanics and women with a certain level of education are part of the coalition of movements that supports Democratic candidates. But just as the Republicans have radicalized extreme right groups, there are also free-radical left groups within the Democratic Party that actively participate in that party.

The only difference between the more liberal groups in the Democratic Party and the more conservative groups on the extreme right within the Republican Party is the intensity of political activism, the ideology they represent, and the levels of control that both groups have within those organizations.  Right now, the moderate groups have control of the Democratic Party with Joe Biden in the presidency, contrary to the Republican Party, which is being controlled by the more radical groups of the American extreme right, over which Donald Trump still has control.

This is where the most radical ideas—political activism, political blackmail and political fanaticism—product of the leadership of Donald Trump have made these groups radicalized. Militant movements and radicalized organizations with ideas of white supremacy and nationalists have the control of the Republican Party. Different political movements are controlling the political platform of the Republican Party right now, which is why the Republicans considered moderate, who do not follow Trumpism, are resigning from that political organization.

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