Far right vs traditional conservative: Who is controlling the republic party right now?
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Far right vs traditional conservative: Who is controlling the republic party right now?

When you look at the behavior of those who identify themselves as conservative members of the Republican Party at this time (a party with no political identity, national platform, standard of conduct, party philosophy, or lack of vision), leaders who believe in conspiracy theories and who only accept as true the baseless lies that former President Donald Trump tells you, who tells you that right now no one knows who controls the Republican Party.

Right now, no one has the slightest doubt that Donald Trump is the owner of the Republican Party, who is not traditional conservatives in the party that for years has defended the ideals of Ronald Reagan, who always spoke of the tiny role that the states should have, which should only concentrate mainly in the defense of the nation and national security, leaving aside the control of the means of production to national investors, under the motto of low taxes for all those who really produce the wealth of this nation. Right now, the big economic interests are only behind the direction and economic policy of the Republican Party, which is against globalization.

But with the arrival of Donald Trump to power as president of the American nation, creating a hostile environment towards conservative minorities within the Republican Party – let’s not talk about the more liberal side of the Democratic Party – and as a product of the need for Donald Trump to Bet on the division of the American nation between anti-immigrant conservatives of the extreme right and moderate conservatives who follow the history and style of the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Right now, when we talk about the moderate wing of the Republican Party, anyone who is not silenced is outside the party, expelled for being against the anti-democratic statements, ideas and expressions of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Right now, when we talk about the moderate group with a philosophy of government based on low taxes, national defense and freedom from all control over the means of production, unfortunately, they are things of the past because the Republican Party is now in the hands of the most extremist group of the Republican Party, who only cares about creating opposition to all the legislative initiatives of the president, whether Democrat or Republican. 

For these extremist groups, legislating is not part of their job, and the word commitment does not exist either. For some of these legislators in the lower house, their only mission is to create chaos in the functioning of the federal government, but they also  break the good habits of the democratic system

Type of more conservative far-right leaders who control the pro-tromp Republican Party, making this group of politicians the biggest anarchists when it comes to the economic, political and social stability of the nation. Many of these new Leaders within the Republican Party only think about institutional chaos as a mechanism to weaken the federal government as a way to satisfy the interests of the economic, political and religious groups that it represents and that oppose any type of initiative that benefits the people. US.

Is Former President Donald Trump a non-traditional conservative in Control of the Republican Party? 

Are pro-Trump fans in control of the Republican Party? Are radicalized far-right groups in control of the Republican Party? Are Republican Conservatives in Control of the Republican Party? Finding the answers to each of these questions will give you an idea of not only ​​the party’s political situation, but also what the future of the Republican Party will be and which group represents the soul of that party.

Right now, there is the idea that there is a kind of war for the soul of the Republican Party between the traditional conservatives and those who are part of the radicalized extreme right who look at the figure of Donald Trump as an example to follow as a way to maintain the Republican Party in power and regain control of Congress.

No one doubts that in the midterm elections in two years, where the Republican Party has the chance to take control of not only the House of Representatives but also the Senate, the outcome of these elections will determine the future of the Republican Party.

But when you observe the lack of leadership of this party a year before the presidential and congressional elections, maintaining control of Congress and winning the presidency is extremely difficult, and even more so when you observe the shameful behavior of the removal of the leader of the majority speaker  Of the house, Kevin McCarthy, who was replaced by the conservative promoter of a large majority of all comparative theories, James Michael Johnson.

Will the Republican Party be a party with a conservative ideology, or will it be a party that follows conspiracy theories? 

The midterm results will tell you what the future holds for the Republican Party in the 2024 congressional elections. The ambition to return to power of the Republican minority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell and the minority leader in the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, in the midterm elections is the only reason behind that desire to be supported by pro-Trump supporters.

Perhaps that is the reason why both leaders in Congress do not dare denounce the anti-democratic and fanatical behaviors of the extreme right groups that are controlling the narrative in the Republican Party. Right now, Congressional leaders Mitch McConnell and James Michael Johnson need the support and enthusiasm of the more extreme side of the party if they want to keep control of Congress in the congressional elections in 2024.

Will the Republican Party be controlled by conservatives who believe in balancing the budget, low taxes and a small government, or, on the contrary, by the more extreme side of the party that believes in conspiracy theories? This is where the presidency of Joe Biden will be an important factor that will influence which political sector controls the Republican Party, not what Donald Trump says or does.

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