4 Reasons why Joe Biden’s Democratic Party lost the midterm elections, it could lose in 2024
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4 Reasons why Joe Biden’s Democratic Party lost the midterm elections, it could lose in 2024

1) Electoral tradition. 

Low approval of the current president affects the chances of staying in power in the mid-term elections who have control of Congress, especially the lower house.

This is where the tradition is against those who have power as a result of the presidential elections, power which is lost when the mid-term elections arrive, where the presidency of the country is not at stake, which decreases voter participation.

Something that is the tradition of the opposition party is to say no to everything the president in office wants, therefore the Democrats cannot expect the cooperation of the Republicans in any of the bills that benefit the American people, because that would be a bad mistaken policy of those who want to return to power.

For some reason, when the president’s agenda is stopped and Congress never reaches an agreement, the voter always ends up blaming the party that is in power, in this case we are talking about the Democratic Party. When nothing happens in Congress, the person responsible for this lack of results is always the president, in this particular case we are talking about Joe Biden.

A self-defeating political response that is part of the voters who always encourages this behavior in those who are in the opposition where the refusal is the norm to follow, because the voters in the mid-term elections reward this type of behavior, thus perpetuating the lack according to Washington DC.

But, the voters never accept responsibility for being the ones who with their vote have been promoting the deadlock in Washington, nothing is ever done on Capitol Hill, while the voters give preference to the opposition parties who are never willing to make any kind of compromise, For each one of the votes, it always has some kind of political consideration.


2) Change in the preference of the independents.

In all countries, independent voters are called undecided voters, who never have a definite political position and vote from the direction of the wind. It doesn’t matter what the president does or doesn’t do, the president’s popularity or approval always goes down no matter the approval or not of the president’s agenda.

3) Loss of interest from Democratic voters. 

All democratic presidents always make the same mistake, not doing what they say, promising and never delivering, but above all in the name of compromise they forget the reasons why they were elected and prefer to fill the political expectations of moderates within the party, pulling to one side desires of liberal voters..

4) Lack of political identity of the Democratic Party.

Democrats are always on the defensive, while Republicans are always on the offensive. The Democratic Party for the last 50 years has shown that it doesn’t really fight for what it believes.

The Democrats as a political organization are always on the defensive, they do it when they are in power, but they also do it when they are in opposition, contrary to the Republicans who are always on the offensive even when they are not right in what they are doing or saying .

Democrats have a reputation for giving up at the moment of truth. Democrats have the problem that it is very easy to make compromises among themselves in exchange for nothing. Compromise which is the result of keeping the more moderate side of the party happy against what the vast majority of Democrats really want.

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