Why members of radicalized far-right wing are no longer supporting Trump?
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Why members of radicalized far-right wing are no longer supporting Trump?

Many political analysts consider that talking about the Republican Party, especially the radicalized far-right wing groups, is talking about Donald Trump’s party, and more if you analyze the support of the senators and a large majority of the congressman Republicans who, despite the electoral defeat, still see Donald Trump as the indisputable leader of the Republican Party.

Such support must be seen for what it is: a response from these congressmen to stay in power using the popularity that Donald Trump still has in the party, avoiding any type of challenge in the party’s primaries.

No one doubts that the candidates for elected positions in the Senate, Congressmen and Governors in the Republican Party are counting on the support of the far-right wing, perhaps that is why nobody dares to criticize the members of these radicalized conservative groups who follow conspiracy theories, lies without foundations and racist ideas pro-white supremacy.

Something that we must all understand is that Donald Trump is no longer the president of the nation, which significantly diminishes the power that Donald Trump has in fulfilling the expectations of those radicalized extreme far-right wing groups that in the past unconditionally supported the former President Donald Trump.

It is one thing to be in power and another thing to lose power. Right now, Donald Trump does not really have any power to protect the activities of radicalized groups of the extreme right against any type of investigation or monitoring promoted by the intelligence agencies of the federal government (FBI, Homeland Security, offices of the attorney general of the nation).

“A large majority of the pro-Trump supporters who participated in the insurgency on Capitol Hill, in the face of the accusations that weigh on them, expected that Donald Trump would favor them with a presidential pardon in the last days of the administration. As that did not happen, many pro-Trump supporters of the far-right wing began to disassociate themselves from the former president, considering that Donald Trump did nothing for them. “

Right now, around 150 people have been arrested and accused of attacking Capital Hill, another 400 are being investigated for participation, planning, trespassing and the attack on January 6 on the Congress building in Washington, DC. and all in one way or another are part of some far-right wing group who right now is controlling the Republican Party.

How many radicalized far-right wing are being investigated, charged and jailed?

A group of pro-Trump supporters who are linked to the far-right militia group Oath Keepers have been indicted on charges that they planned and coordinated the attack on Capitol Hill. Some consider it to be the largest conspiracy case ever filed by the Justice Department, which braced for weeks before the attack on the Congress building.

As a reaction, because no one who participated in the coup against the democratic system received a pardon, many of them began to speak out against Donald Trump for his lack of courage. Many of them felt betrayed by Donald Trump, and some allege that they attacked Congress in a mob because the president asked them to do so at a rally hours before.

Even some leaders of the extreme right-wing nationalist group with anti-Jewish, pro-white supremacy and anti-immigrant ideology known as the proud boys felt abandoned because of the low credibility of Donald Trump’s words, who, faced with their legal problems, threw them under the bus, an action of betrayal of Donald Trump that created a feeling of disappointment in the lack of courage of its leader.

Another aspect to consider is the product of a violent mob trying to start a coup against democracy incited by Donald Trump, a group identifying the vast majority of them as pro-Trump supporters. Pro Trump supporters are members of the far-right wing who belong to the most radical wing of the Republican Party.

No one doubts that these images of a violent attack on Congress, distorted nationally and internationally, changed the political consciousness of many Republicans who feel ashamed of participating in that party. There are many Republicans who are leaving the party right now.

No one doubts that right now, as a result of that violent act against Congress by more radicalized extreme right groups, many Republicans who follow conservative philosophy and democratic values ​​feel disillusioned with the behavior of the party leaders, who do not dare to break with Donald Trump out of fear of negative reaction from pro-Trump supporters, although Donald Trump was responsible for the attack on Capitol Hill.

Has Donald Trump lost support with the Republican leaders in Congress? The results of the impeachment will give you an idea of ​​how much Republicans still support former President Donald Trump in the trial that is following him right now in the Senate.

No one has any illusions that Donald Trump will be convicted in the Senate, where two-thirds is required. One thing is what people think about the criminal conduct of Donald Trump, and another is what leaders and senators think when judging the former president about his future politics.

Many political analysts consider that Republican senators in Congress, especially like McConnell, the Senate minority leader, who do not have the courage to condemn Donald Trump in this second political trial, are reasons why Donald Trump will not be found guilty of those who are being accused of inciting a mob that attacked Capitol Hill.

Although many Republicans repudiate the racist and anti-democratic behavior of Donald Trump, none dare publicly denounce him, all for fear of the reaction of the Republican Party bases and the far-right groups that still unconditionally support him. No one doubts that the Republican Party is controlled by Donald Trump right now, which is why many Republicans are leaving that party.

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