What is the reason for the racial and class struggle between whites and blacks in America?
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What is the reason for the racial and class struggle between whites and blacks in America?

Does the struggle between the white elites against the black population have a racial or class origin? What is the difference between discrimination supported by the ideology of racism and discrimination supported by the ideology of classism other than skin color?

The enclavism system in America was based on a racist ideology or the real motivations were the acquisition of wealth at all costs by settlers, merchants, ranchers, merchants and slave owners for the ambition to acquire the wealth of these groups in which the black slave was seen as a commodity,

African blacks were treated as slaves because they were black or because they did not have the economic power and the necessary instruments to avoid this situation to enter the world of buying and selling slaves?

For me it was the economic levels and the power of the weapons of Western culture, contrary to the African kingdoms who did not possess this economic power for whatever reasons (tribal wars, little development of their civilization, etc.) Being black was not the reason for their status as slaves. Being black is not the reason for being poor at this time no matter how much we use history to justify this reality.

I am one of what I believe that racism at this time is a disease of the mind, where the power of the supremacy of white against black is not a real force, it is an entity that symbolizes the struggle used by both parties to keep alive this fight that only exists in those who benefit from a racially divided society.

The fight for racial equality has historically put in the background the real fight against classism in the American capitalist system where 3% of the population has more accumulated wealth than 97% of the remaining population, regardless of the racial or ethnic condition of people, where the black population occupies the lowest place in this climate of economic inequality and social inclusion. A class struggle that the black population is losing right now.

While the black population is looking at this fight for equality only from the racial point of view, the possibilities diminish the economic differences against the powerful, owners of all the wealth, which have at this moment the political power, judicial system and the ability to enforce the rules, they are winning the fight.

For blacks it is a fight for racial equality, for whites it is a fight against class equality between people who have everything and people who have nothing, where the people who have nothing are blacks and Hispanics.

Class struggle that really threatens the economic interests of the ruling class and therefore the political power of these “white supremacist” groups. Blacks must redirect their energies to this class struggle which is responsible for economic inequality and not only concentrate on the search for racial equality, which at this moment is only a utopia.

If the black does not achieve economic freedom (class struggle), how does the black hope to achieve racial equality?

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