Racial inequality in America: Maga pro Trump protests vs Black lives matter protests and the inequality in treatment when police officers react to them
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Racial inequality in America: Maga pro Trump protests vs Black lives matter protests and the inequality in treatment when police officers react to them

Knowing a little about the history of the United States, discovering the reasons behind racial inequality is something we all know, which has always benefited white people to the detriment of black people. Racial inequality which is a systemic problem in American society.

Some people who are students of all government systems, analyzing the differences between a democratic and authoritarian government, between a capitalist or socialist system, and between an exclusive government and an inclusive one, allege that white people inherited the slave system in American society from their parents—the ideology of supremacy of a white racial group over the black.

Something that you have to understand is the idea that a group in a position of power is superior to a group that is not in power. That feeling of greatness in many white Americans runs through the veins of a North American society where whites are considered superior over blacks, who are considered inferior, but also other minority groups, and racial inequality is the result of this type of mindset.

The way state institutions of the federal and state governments, especially police officers, judges and prosecutors, treat minority groups compared to white groups when prosecuting any type of crime.

It is a type of advantage of one group over others, it tells you that the ideology of racial supremacy is part of the conscious or unconscious behavior of a large majority of the members of official institutions, but also executives of the private sector, and let’s not talk of prestigious universities, who deny that institutionalized racism exists in these State institutions or influential sectoral groups.

What is the origin of racial inequality and how does it negatively affect blacks in the United States?

You come to the conclusion that it is a product of the mentality of the superiority of one racial group over another that is embedded in United States society, mostly among white people, and let’s not talk about those on the most extreme conservative side who still use racism and racial exclusion to maintain the racial equality of whites over blacks. Two centuries after the emancipation of slaves was proclaimed by Abraham Lincoln, the differences in America as a result of this racial inequality persist, negatively affecting African American black minorities.

The slave system, the process of emancipation of slaves, the process of reconstruction, racial segregation and the application of Jim Crow laws are historical antecedents that are the genesis of the systematic racism that exists in all the institutions of the federal government, but also the governments. Mainly in the southern slave states.

When you look at the behavior of anti-riot police in all states, we can all conclude that there is a double standard between the gentle way the police treat Maga Trump protests and the harsh way they treat protests organized by Black Lives Matter.

The latest protests in Washington, DC, are an example of this double standard, which creates the impression that there is a racial inequality in America that negatively affects African-Americans.

How is institutionalized racism part of the behavior and mentality of most police officers in state police departments?

As a product of institutional systemic racism in the United States, the inequality in the application of justice is something that we should all expect, as is the unequal treatment that exists in the persecution of crime, in which African-Americans are imprisoned in greater proportion than their white counterparts.

Institutional racism exists in a vast majority of policy departments in all states, which are permeated by police officers who have racist, prejudiced attitudes towards blacks, which allows these many police officers to abuse African Americans under their control, and more if these alleged criminals have any criminal records or are wanted.

Some experts on these issues have come to the conclusion that many of the shootings that led to the death of an unarmed black man are the product of this institutional racism that has been part of some police officers.

There are many civil rights leaders and pro-Afro-American activists who, for decades, have denounced this type of double standard by the police. One is a protest by Maga pro-Trump supporters, and another is a protest organized by black organizations.

The protesters from African-American groups are treated with all the rudeness of the riot police, imprisoning them without justification, beating them, throwing tear gas bombs, being accused of rebellion against the police, and resisting arrest, to name a few.

But when it comes to the  Pro-Maga protests, the police let them make their protests without problems, and all because the protesters are white and are part of conservative groups supported by the Republican Party. Conservative ideas, which are shared by many white police officers.

But one of the historical events that shook American society and exposed this racial inequality of that double standard between African Americans and radical whites on the far right was the complacent treatment of police officers before a mob that attacked the building of the Congress.

It is enough to observe the behavior of police officers in Washington, DC, from the protests of the Pro Trump supporters who recently attacked Capitol Hill to understand the double standard that exists in police departments.

What would have been the result if the mob that attacked Congress had been black? 

We were still counting the dead, and the detainees would be in the thousands. Many political analysts consider that there are two Americas, one rural and one urban, one white and one white, one uneducated and one educated, one poor and one rich, one liberal and one conservative, one blue and one red.

In the same way, there are two justice systems, one for whites and one for blacks, and two economies, one that serves millionaires and the other that impoverishes people. Finally, there are two parties, one Democrat and the other Republican, serving the same economic interests that have dominated the nation for centuries.

There are two police institutions, one that is at the service of whites and another police department that is to repress blacks. There are two prison systems, one for blacks and the other for whites. There are also two systems of judges, one that frees the whites and the other that condemns blacks. One thing we must all recognize is that racial inequality is part of the fabric of American society.

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